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2013 World Wood Day Program - simple version


2013 World Wood Day Symposium Theme:
Wood in Africa: Cultural Distribution, Historical Utilization, and Future Sustainability

March 19-20


  • African Woodcarving Competition
  • International Woodcarving Show
  • International Woodturning Show
  • Local Woodcarving Competition
  • Youth Woodwork Competition

March 19-21

Children Event

Children Drawing Competition and Wood DIY
Theme: I love tree

March 21

Tree Planting

A cordial Invitation to all generations to help environmental protection and assist cultural sustainability.

March 21


City Tour to Woodcarving School and Zanzibar Island

March 22 -23


  • eCards
  • Online Tree Planting


Health Precaution
The yellow-fever vaccination is strongly recommended as a precaution. Other vaccinations that might be considered before you travel include typhoid, hepatitis A and B, meningitis, and tetanus.
Make sure to visit your doctor to get a prescription for the antimalarial drugs that best suit your health and condition. 
More information (2013 Tanzania Tourist Board)