Help Support World Wood Day

Organizing and preparing for World Wood Day require much effort and support.  World Wood Day event activities can be more successful with aid and support. The dissemination of the idea and value to appreciate wood and natural resources for a sustainable future can have a wider reach.

Ways to contribute:

  1. Make donations to help support the expenses for transportation, accommodations and other necessary costs for scholars and woodwork artists to participate in the event.
  2. Make donations to support the woodcraft event or donate supplies, especially wood blocks
  3. Make donations to support the children's event or donate drawing supplies, such as paper and color pens and pencils.
  4. Support the tree planting activity as partners or collaborators with donations and saplings, and help with the activity operation.
  5. Volunteer! Many hands make light work. Please join us and email us to find out how to help and contribute.

Please see below for the example of donation possibilities,

A donation of $  (amount)   goes to   (event name)   .

Amount Events (please tick as you wish)
the whole Event
Tanzania Wood Carving Competition
African Wood Carving Competition Show
International Wood Carving Show
Children Event
Tree Planting
Wood Culture Tour

The transaction cannot be finished online.  For the actual donation and further inquiry, please email

Help and support are very much appreciated. Corporate sponsorship will be recognized with company or affiliation logo listed on event posters, brochures and webpage. Individual donors will also be recognized with their names listed on the acknowledgement page.

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