• The Wood Carving Show Participant

    The Wood Carving Show Participant

    The Wood Carving Show Participant


    The 2014 World Wood Day Woodcraft Event Program has a variety of activities for wood craftsmen to participate in to celebrate the beauty, art, joy and culture of wood. Join us in this cultural celebration of wood!

    Woodcraft Activities of 2014 World Wood Day Event in China

    1. International Artists' Collaborative Wood Sculpture Exhibition: Harmony
    2. Woodcarving Exhibition: "Wood: Art, Joy and Culture"
    3. Woodcarving Show: "Homeland"
    4. Woodturning Demonstration
    5. Folk Arts Show and Exhibition
    6. Wooden Music Fair
    7. 3rd Chinese Vocational & College Student Carpentry Competition
    8. International Furniture-Making Event

    Collaborative Wood Art Project
    A spectacular piece of wood art designed to demonstrate a harmonious living environment in this era of instability will be created by collective efforts of international woodcraft artists during 6th to 18th March at the Dongxiang county, in Jiangxi Province, and the finished work will be displayed as the Collaborative Wood Sculpture Exhibition at the World Wood Day Event on 21st-24th March, in Xianyou County, Fujian Province.