International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational


As an element of WWD, IYAFMI gives young adults (must be born after 21 March 1991) from around the globe an arena to showcase their talent in designing and creating bespoke wooden items in both individual and collaborative spheres.  Techniques are exchanged and learned, appreciation and understanding of different cultures and influences are fast tracked and strong bonds are formed amongst the Invitees.

Successful Invitees will be required “to design and build a piece of furniture such as a chair, bench or coffee table for audience use at the exhibition.  The piece must be related to the theme “Roots”.  The individual design is left entirely up to Invitees who may commence their design as soon as an Invitation is issued to a participant.  Whilst designing their project, Invitees should also determine the minimum number of hand tools they must bring to the event.  The program allows 30 hours of construction time. Timber to be used is limited to that supplied to each Invitee.

In addition, each invitee will be allocated into a Team of 4 Invitees led by a returning Invitee (Team Leader) in a collaborative design and build project which “must be a piece of furniture with a practical use.  The piece must have evident design input and construction technique of each and every member of the team and relation to the theme “Roots”

Collaborative teams will be selected and advised as quickly as possible and pre-event collaboration will be via a Facebook page which will be established shortly.  Each Invitee in a group will contribute 6 hours of construction time to the collaborative project.  Each Team Leader will contribute 36 hours to the project.

This program is genenously sponsored by Powermatic

Project Manager & Leading Advisor


Steve brings to the event experience gained from over 40 years as a self-employed joinery manufacturer and a 20+ year association with WorldSkills Australia as a former National Chief Judge and Designer and an International Expert in joinery with WorldSkills International. Steve has travelled widely assisting young people internationally to seize every opportunity that comes their way to grow and excel. “There is something really special about fashioning things from wood. Done well, it satisfies the eye, the head, the hands and the heart. Wood is good.”

Team Leaders


I´m 22 years old. I live in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, that’s a town in the middle of Austria. At 15, I left school to become a Joiner. In 2009, I started with an apprenticeship as Joiner. Since 2012, I am employed at Bene GmbH, an office furniture producing company with around 900 employees around the world. In 2013, I attended a one-Year School to become a master Joiner.


I am 24, born and raised in Guardamar de la Safor, a small town in the province of Valencia, Spain. I participated in various cabinetmaking competitions building furniture gaining the national of my country and becoming second of europe. Later I obtained the title to the best file of all the students of my specialty in Spain.

Reinis GUSTS

I has lived in countryside for most of my life. I am supposed to take over my parents’ farm but at the same time I am highly interested in cabinet making and I would like to open my own wood workshop. I have participated in several national level contests. Last year I participated in WorldSkills Sao Paulo and this year I participated in EuroSkill Sweden, where I took the third place.


I join in 2015 World Skills and won the bronze medal in Cabinetmaking competition. I enjoy in making wood work by myself in my free time. I feel confident when I finish an wood work that seems to I give the wood a new value and life.



I’m 20 years old and a student studying Furniture and Wood Technology in Ireland. I have represented Ireland at WorldSkills Sao Paulo 2015 in the skill area of Cabinet Making, finishing 6th and was awarded a Medallion of Excellence. I have competed in the three wood trade IrelandSkills competitions, Cabinet Making, Joinery and Carpentry. Having won all three, I am the only person to ever do so in Ireland.


I am 21 years old and live with my family in Austria. At home we have a small joinery with basic tools, where I spent a lot of my childhood with wood crafting. After school I made my hobby to my work as a carpenter. In the year 2018 I’m nominated to represent Austria at the Euroskills in Hungary.


I’m 21 years old, and in my second year of my Shopfitting apprenticeship. I chose this career pathway with a dream to one day design and build a ‘Tiny House’ which will enable me to live completely off-grid.

Martin Alexander HERNANDEZ

I grew up and live in Orange County. I transferred to CSULB from Golden West Community College as an illustration major. After discovering the wood-shop and wood program at CSULB I immediately changed my major and direction in life. I am now fully committed to being a crafts person and exploring what that means in today's world and challenge myself to theorize what that means for the future.


I have studied woodworking for four years and in relation to that I have acquired a lot of specialized skills. I have studied to become a cabinet maker in Estonia for one year in Tallinn Construction School and for three years in Rakvere Vocation School. I have acquired complimentary training and chances to go to courses in foreign countries.

Mindaugas DIMŠLYS

I was born and grew up in Kelme. When I was 12 years old I started to be interested in wood mastery. While studying in high school, I participated in regional and republican Olympiads technology. In 2016, I entered Vilnius Academy of Arts for Master study of Sculpture Restoration. In spare time l am volunteering at Lithuanian National Museum Franz Gudynas restoration center, art furniture restoration section.


I'm born in Indonesia, and I love wood working / carpenter. In 2014 October I entered ASEAN competition in Ha Noi Vietnam, and I won, And then next year I participated in Worldskill competition 2015 at Brazil, and I got medallion of excellent.


I live with my family in a small village called Loipersdorf. Since July 2013 I am an apprentice in Wiesfleck. I participated in different competitions in Austria. I won some medals.