Temple Bus

Artist David Best, based in Petaluma, is best known for his extraordinary large scaled temples at Burning Man, also known for his thirty art cars and two buses made from recycled materials.

Follow by his previous World Wood Day project: Memorial Stupa in Nepal, Best and the temple crew volunteers aim to create a temple bus for 2017 World Wood Day.

David plans to keep the seats inside but the interior will be changed to fit the outside with wood, paint and gold leaf. The bus will contain 20 passengers and participants will be able to enter and sit within it.

The bus will possibly be driven to Houston, Texas in April for the 30th Houston art car parade after the event. Come and share stories while enjoy the making of the Temple Bus in World Wood Day 2017!

Open Session:
Time: 10am-12pm, March 23th
Venue: Seaside Meeting Room S7, LBCC