Sponsored by the International Wood Culture Society and Wenzhou Education Bureau, the International Wood Culture Exchange was held at Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province of China from December 8-10, 2017.

Wenzhou Special Education School, as the research and practice base of IWCS, is funded each year by World Wood Day Foundation for woodcraft hands-on training to the teachers and students. Following the World Wood Day 2017’s theme, “Roots”, 17 wood artists from both China and overseas were invited to the school to show their art and skills of wood, and share their passion and love of wood with the students. It was a great opportunity for students there to learn crafts and exchange closely by following the international artists face to face. This cultural exchange activity aims to showcase the beauty of wood art, pass passion of wood to the special education students, and sow the seed of love in wood into their deep heart.

List of Participants
Australia - Gary FIELD
Hungary - Antal ENGLERT
Indonesia - Budi Purnama
Italy - Kurt Ferdinand WIERER
Lithuania - Kęstutis GRIGONIS
Russia - Petr NOSIKOV
Saudi Arabia - Ali Homood AL JASER
Saudi Arabia - Essam JAMEEL
Switzerland - Martin BILL
Ukraine - Volodymyr MESHCHERIAKOV
Zambia - Charles CHAMBATA
China - JI Tianyuan
China - GAO Gongbo  
China - ZHOU Yang
China - GAO Min
China - HUANG Qingluan
China - WANG Zehe