2018 World Wood Day in Myanmar

Theme:" Life"

The 2018 World Wood Day theme "Life" aims to bring up the importance of wood and the relationship between wood and human from different perspectives. The theme will explore the interrelationship between nature and culture that influence the way we use wood, and to demonstrate the role of wood and non-timber forest products in supporting our daily life. We hope that the theme can bring a broader perspective in learning about and enjoying wood for a sustainable future.


During the event from April 6-8, the event will have a series of programs including woodcarving, woodturning activities, folk art workshops, children’s woodworking education, traditional wooden musical instrument performance, and wood culture documentary tour.

Date: April 6 (Fri) to 8 (Sun)

Venue: City Hall, Mandalay, Myanmar

Address: 26th St, Mandalay, Myanmar

Schedule: Download here



Program List

  • Woodcarving Competition

    At this program 20 local talented wood carving artisans will be invited as candidates to join the Myanmar Wood Carving Competition. The theme will focus on each artist’s interpretation on “Life”. Please join us for a very special three-day events to share the passion, skill and knowledge with the candidate.

  • International Wood & Bamboo Carving Demonstration

    Four Chinese experienced master carvers will be doing on-site wood & bamboo carving demonstration and interactive experience sharing. Among them, Master Duan and Master will do hands-on teaching show to the local young students who would like to learn wood carving. Please come and explore together the diverse variety of woodcarving artistry and intercultural exchange.

  • Woodturning Demonstration

    Woodturners from Mandalay region and turner from China are here to introduce and demonstrate their skills by using different types of lathes including the Chinese traditional man-powered lathe and local electric lathe.

  • Folk Art Workshop

    Folk art demonstrates the influence of wood and nature in our ordinary life and brings about extraordinary beauty. It lets us understand the value of tradition and thus, the importance of preserving our culture. Comprising exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops and performances, this program provides a window into the way of our life in different field related wood and bamboo or rattan, to appreciate the beauty, the craftsmanship and the culture of wood and forest products, and help draw awareness of the public the unique culture identity of Myanmar to the world.

  • Music Festival

    Music is always part of the fabric of everyday LIFE. 2018 World Wood Day Music Festival will present the finest musicians to perform various traditional music both local and beyond borders. Musicians will have their vast collection of rare wooden musical instruments on display and the audience will be given the opportunity to interact with the musicians and instruments.

  • Children’s Wood Education

    Lively woodworking children's education class will be here given by an instructor to teach the children how to make cute vases, toys by mini lathe. This program trains the children to solve problem by their own hands and enjoying the fun brought by woodworking, together with wooden toys to play on-site.

  • "Wood and Life" Photo Contest Exhibition

    As a reflection of the 2018 World Wood Day theme "Life," the contest is divided into three categories: People, Heritage, and Environment to further elaborate the importance of wood being a part of our lives. We hope to encourage people to pay closer attention to their surroundings.