The tree planting activity was held at the newly-built Lao National Museum in Vientiane on March 30, 2018 and was attended by Dr. Liane Thykeo, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Chung-Yung Hse, President of IWCS, and hundreds of international and domestic guests.

Lao PDR, as a forest-rich country, welcomes all efforts to increase awareness on the value and sustainability of natural resources. To mark 2018 World Wood Day celebration in Vientiane, the tree-planting sub-committee prepared one hundred trees from the most valuable species, including Mai Dou(Pterocarpus), Mai Gnang (Dipterocarpus), Mai Te-Kha (Afzelia) and Mai Kha-Gnoung (Dalbergia). Director General of Forest Department of Minister of Agriculture and Forestry said during his remarks that tree-planting is a very good symbol of the 2018 WWD event in Lao PDR and hope they will continue to grow, provide shade, clean the air, and bring joy for many years to come.