International Woodcarving Show 2019 - Jin A Kim & Nansook Joo (South Korea)

13 Nov, 2019

"Change In Life" by Jin A Kim 

The era where we are living now, the hand of God is pulling the “Band of time” from the past to the bright future.  The must natural and magnificent change on Earth would be the change of time.  As learns, fall from trees and snow land in the leaves, the past is buried under the pile of time.  But soon after spring comes with a gentle touch of the sun, colorful flowers bloom and fresh breeds sprout from branches.  These changes in nature can be applied to human life.  For a life cycle period, one experience the change of the period in good and bad repeatedly.  I wanted to show you that life may sometimes look gloomy making us feel bad, but there us also a life that sometimes feeling wonderful.  Through these changes, just like trees showing over ages. We all become strong human being.

"Breathing New Life Into Our Planet Earth" by Nansook Joo 

Our planet earth is suffering from many different types of pollution.  Among other things in my view, marine pollution is the most serious problem for all living things including human being.  Micro-plastics caused by one-rising plastic products are flowing into the ocean and destroying the marine ecosystem.  One side of my work shows destroyed marine ecosystem, dead fishes caught in the net, and on the other side of my work shows posit changes in marine ecosystem by campaigning.  On anti-plastic products and supporting use of non-plastic products such as polylactic acid products.  There efforts help marine ecosystem where beautiful marine life such as sea turtles oceanic fishes and so on.

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