Regional Event in Thailand

World Wood Day 2019 Regional Event- Thailand was held on Feb. 1st at Baan Tawai village, about 25 km southwest of Chiang Mai ancient town.  The event began in the morning along with the Opening Ceremony of the annual Baan Tawai Creative Crafts Festival.

In the afternoon, the Baan Tawai Woodcarving competition, 8 skillful wood carvers selected from the village participated in the live carving competition as the WWD 2019 regional event- Thailand. 

There were 3 winners being selected by the judges from the village. The first place winner, Mr. Anan Tranomai was interviewed by IWCS crew and shared his 45-year woodcarving experience and his passion towards woodcarving with us.  He is excited to learn that he will be given an opportunity to attend WWD 2019 in Austria, to meet and exchange knowledge and experience with wood artists around the world.


From Feb.1st - 3rd, the event will have a series of programs including woodcarving competition, traditional dancing, wooden musical instrument performance, and handicraft shows at the Baan Tawai Song Fang Klong Community Centre.

Participant list:

Mr. Nikonrn Tano
Mr. Singkaoo Potha
Mr. Saman Intamol
Mr. Anan Anan Tranomai
Mr. Sombun Chikham
Mr. Praphat Potha
Mr. Artit Rinyana
Mr. Niphon Winyahat


Three winners of the Woodcarving Competition:

The first place: Mr. Anan Tranomai
The second place: Mr. Niphon Winyahat
The third place: Mr. Artit Rinyana



Mr. Somphon Majan
Mr. Thanakron inpan
Mr. Jukrawut rangthasee



Mr. Nopphadol Kamlae, wood sculpture and heraldic wood carver, Baan Tawai, Chiangmai
Ms. Su Jinling, Secretary-general of International Wood Culture Society


More information about BaanTawai village

Baan Tawai village is a famous woodcarving village in northern Thailand and has become a demonstration site of OTOP project in Thailand.  Woodcarving skill of this village has been passed down from generation to generation through the efforts of craftsmen. Besides the well-known woodcarving art pieces both at home and abroad, Baan Tawai village is also the production center of various traditional handicrafts including pottery, exquisite lacquer ware, hand-painted paper umbrella, furniture-making, basketry, woven and rattan products with unique shapes, silverware with complicated crafts and other handicrafts.




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