Reminder & Notice

Emergency Contact Number/Person

If you have any emergent inquiry anytime, please feel free to call on the number provided below.

Michael Grabner: +43 (0) 6648453936
Charlotte Lee: +43 (0) 66499157978
Mona Wu: +43 (0) 66499157977



The weather is averagely 7-10 degrees Celsius during the daytime, and it could be colder in the mornings and at nights. We have prepared windbreaker jackets for participants. But still please pack and dress warm clothes because the event will take place at a higher altitude. Graz’s weather forecast in the month of March is around 10°C.


No plastic policy:

Please do not leave any plastic items or bags at the worksite. Please take it with you when you leave the worksite every day.


Woodturning Worksite regulation:

- Smoking is strictly prohibited.
- You are not allowed to put nails or screws into the wooden walls.
- You are not allowed to write or paint on the walls.
- You are situated within a museum where the oldest building is from 1452. Please do take care of the buildings, furniture, machinery, etc. Any damage is not allowed to all buildings.


World Wood Day