The Bahamas

Preserving Paradise    Video (08:00)  (0:58)

Warm Bahamian hospitality and a deep-rooted culture. Immerse yourself in The Bahamas’ rich cultural history, explore its sustainability-driven future and experience nature’s playground with all its mystery, ferocity and beauty.



Innovation and Transformation: From Sugarcane to Blockchain    Video (06:55)  (1:01)

Highlighting the island's innovations and transformation. Track the trajectory of Barbados' development and its global contributions as a country of influence, having transformed from a plantocracy to a sustainable digital society.



Experience Belize, the Jewel of the Caribbean    Video (08:49)  (0:59)

Be blown away by the beauty of Belize and all its wonders as you gain an understanding of its history cultural diversity, attractions, investment opportunities and more.



Together for Sustainable Development    Video (04:23)  (0:49)

Brazil Pavilion is evoking the Amazon basin in the Dubai desert.  Let's discover incredible diversity, from flora and fauna to arts and culture in a pavilion that recreates the Amazon basin, take in the sights, sounds and scents of Brazilian riverside areas.



The Rhythm that Connects Us to the Future    Video (08:50)  (0:51)

A white pavilion surrounded by greens and located in the Opportunity District, the structure itself continues growing and evolving as the country itself.



A Cradle of Great Creativity and Innovation    Video (11:15)  (0:59)

Tour the colourful and vibrant Cuban streets, and see beyond the facade of "Old Cuba" and learn more about the economic, social and ecological transformations that are taking place throughout the country.


Dominican Republic

America's Hub    Video (11:48)  (0:58)

Experience a day as an ordinary Dominican citizen, be delighted by the first settlement of the new world and be welcomed by the inclusive characteristics of its society and the warmth of its people.


El Salvador

Starting from Scratch to Create A Better World    Video (9:30)  (0:59)

Let's meet a country where you can fulfil your dreams. El Salvador is creating a country where people want to live, helping to turn their dreams into reality thanks to the creation of sustainable infrastructures that connect people with nature and each other.



An Introduction to the Endless Opportunities    Video (9:11)  (0:29)

Discover why Panama, gateway to the American continent, is becoming a world powerhouse in trade, business and technology. Explore a wealth of investment opportunities and enjoy a taste of its culture.



Connecting Water, Energy and Mobility    Video (10:44)  (1:00)

A landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia, Paraguay ensures its connectivity via its rivers, giving access to the Atlantic Ocean. Its principal exports are food and hydroelectricity. It's creating sustainable development and business opportunities.



Timeless, Always Peru    Video (06:57)  (1:00)

See the path Peru has travelled, woven in the fabric of time. Peru’s cultural diversity, infinite wealth and ancient wisdom are the greatest protagonists that still surprise the world and will help humanity to build a better future.



The Power of Diversity    Video (10:10)  (0:52)

The Power of Diversity: Suriname an Oasis of Opportunity!  It’s where people and nature co-exist in harmony.  Let’s take a journey from city to mountains, and explore unique sounds, music, and poetry.


World Wood Day