Seeds for the Future    Video (13:45)  (0:46)

Azerbaijan Pavilion is inspired by nature, dedicated to the future of humanity.  Only by investing in the future now can people secure a sustainable tomorrow.  The leaf-shaped roof symbolises an endless energy process. Every leaf transforms the sun's energy into vital power.



Home of Diversity, a Feeling of Tomorrow    Video (09:32)  (0:56)

The Indonesian pavilion will be home to diversity, innovation and opportunities to explore how Indonesia is creating a better future with innovations that merge modern technologies and local knowledge.



Completely new paths for the future of Kyrgyzstan    Video (08:40)  (1:00)

Discover a country breaking through in its development. Showcasing the economic and tourism potential of Kyrgyzstan and how we are leveraging the development of innovations, knowledge and the widespread use of information technologies.



Tradition, Cultural Conservation and Progress    Video (06:37)  (1:00)

Laos relies on its agriculture and traditional handicrafts, people of Laos make good use of natural resources to enrich their culture and seek for the opportunity to be seen by the world.  A variety of items displayed in the pavilion to introduce and present the most authentic and original of Laos.



Energising Sustainability    Video (15:07)  (0:41)

Malaysia Pavilion is delivering a Net-Zero Carbon Pavilion, it’s a concept and design of the rainforest canopy with floating forest, water feature, and surrounded by 16 species of trees and over 3000 pots plants to give an over all experience of the rainforest. Let’s find out more with the Pavilion Director Michelle Lau.



Where Nature and Life Co-exist    Video (08:46)  (0:51)

Maldives is an archipelago of unique beauty co-existing with nature. Reflected across the entire pavilion are sustainable practices that address climate change and the success in co-existing with the natural environment.



A History of Resilience, Innovating for the Future    Video (11:27)  (0:40)

The Mongolia Pavilion is showcasing unique culture and heritage, and embraces the nomadic lifestyle Mongolia has held for thousands of years and illustrates how that co-exists with the current and developing urban lifestyle.



Connect Potentials for Sustainable Growth    Video (08:31)  (0:58)

Nepal Pavilion is showcasing the vast opportunities arising from Nepal’s unique location between India and China, and wishing to connect potentials for the sustainable growth.



The Hidden Treasure    Video (07:41)  (0:55)

One of Asia’s best kept secrets! Home to one of the world’s earliest civilisations, a culture of boundless hospitality, riveting geographic wonders, and an upcoming investment destination of choice.



Nature. Nurture. Future    Video (04:30)  (0:46)

It is hard to tell where nature begins and architecture ends. The pavilion is showcasing Singapore’s urban innovations, the net-zero energy pavilion designed by WOHA explores our journey towards liveability and resilience.



Mobility for the Future    Video (07:32)  (1:00)

Share your own flower engravings in the pavilion’s garden and discover more about Thailand’s creative advances in the fields of transportation, logistics, digital connectivity and personal mobility.



Explore the Potential of Timor-Leste    Video (06:48)  (0:55)

Timor-Leste is at the crossroads of many civilisations.  Let's witness how one of the youngest countries in the world aims to transform itself by 2030 as it focuses on four key priorities: tourism, agriculture, logistics and transportation, and oil, and gas.



Where the Traditional and Modern Thrive in Harmony    Video (08:29)  (0:58)

Vietnam Pavilion is a model of sustainable and balanced development.  Let's take a delightful and unforgettable journey to Vietnam, its beautiful people, unspoiled nature and latest development trends, the pavilion marries traditional elements with contemporary references.


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