David Best, an American sculptor, best known for his contribution to the annual Burning Man festival. Building temples from recycled woods and burnt to ashes at the last day of the weeklong festival in a spectacle of light and heat in a concept of forgiving and letting go to heal people from their past, and strengthen them to move on.

David was first introduced to IWCS by one of the Burning Man staff, Dave X, the Fire Arts Safety Team Manager, regarding the documentary film Reborn from the ashes. David and the team had a long interview about the core concept of his temples, ephemeral art and had shared his experience of building with wood. After the film being published, IWCS officially invited David to join 2016 World Wood Day wood architect program, to build a memorial pavilion in Nepal.

The following is the interview done by OnlineKhabar on David Best:I came here to make an impact, but Nepal made an impact on me: ‘Burning Man’ sculptor David Best.

David Best is an internationally renowned American sculptor. He is known for building immense temples out of recycled wood sheets (discarded while making toys and other punch-outs) for the Burning Man festivals, where they are then burnt to the ground. Best is in Kathmandu to take part in the World Wood Day celebrations being organised by the International Wood Culture Society in association with IUCN and the Nepal Government. He is collaborating with local artisans in Bungmati to build a wooden temple. Onlinekhabar caught up with Best during his visit to Bungmati recently.

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