Woodcarvers from Tanzania received support and help from the International Wood Culture Society in order to have the opportunity to be educated.

Woodcarving has been an inherited culture that being preserved for the past decades in Tanzania, and nowadays it provides a significant amount of financial incomes in Tanzania. Nevertheless, lack of education has become a barrier to carvers to reach out to the international market.

There are English (beginners, intermediate, and advanced) and computer classes being provided for local woodcarvers to establish their language and communication abilities.

Beginner’s English Class

The beginner’s class has been the most demanding class of all, and the class has shown constant improvement from the students. The beginners showed the positive sign and were interested in learning though the program.

Intermediate English Class

The intermediate class is the fast moving and growing class. Students have been worked closely with their teacher and created a great teamwork, and also they’ve shown much improvement and maturity to move on to the next level.

Advanced English Class

This class has shown an average in its performance. Many of the students had started showing good sign in the beginning but gradually they started dropping. We have discussed the issue with the teacher, and then we both decided to add another learning term to make them understand more and meet the goal of the program.

Computer Class

We have decided to have a rotation style and split the class in three groups, one group per day due to the large number of students and a lack of computers. Although the students have shown much of interest to the class, challenges of the limited teaching facility and equipment are urgently in need to be reconsidered.