The 4th National Vocational & College Student Carpentry Competition was hosted by the International Wood Culture Society and China National Forest Product Industry Association, organized by the Secretariat, China – ASEAN Expo and Forestry College of GuangXi University as the qualification trial (China) for the 2016 World Wood Day - International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitation on 19 – 22 November, 2015 at Nanning International Conference and Exhibition Center, Nanning, GuangXi.

There were 17 contestants coming from over 10 colleges and 7 vocational schools nationwide for this competition. Each contestant was given a total of 28 hours within three days to complete a set of handmade nursery furniture.

There were several elements, such as “proficiency and technique, level of completion, accuracy and quality, structural stability…etc.” that the jury (Prof. Yang Ping, Kumamoto University, Japan, Mr. Yang Jinrong, Director of Jiangsu Hongmu Culture and Arts Institute, and Mr. Lu Yuzhang, Vice President of Shanxi Yangquan Technical School) looked for and took into consideration.

The winner was Xu Changjun from Anhui Xiuning First Senior Vocational School, and he will represent China to participate in the 2016 World Wood Day – International Young Adult Furniture Making Invitational.